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Mishawaka, IN, October 10th, 2018

Technical Repair Solutions (TRS) has been continually evolving as an industrial electronics business to meet the ever-growing demands of the machine repair and automation industries. In late 2017, Technical Repair Solutions revamped their online presence with a brand-new website that promotes their various repair services, including industrial electronics repair, machine automation, and on-site repair. Along with the information provided about industrial repair services, TRS has integrated a new Industrial Electronics E-Commerce Store that specializes in offering an array of highly-tested and professionally refurbished industrial electronic items. Many of these parts come with a one-year warranty, which helps ensures customer peace of mind, as well as the continued operation and success of parts purchased.

Within their new online marketplace presence, TRS offers industrial electronic parts directly to potential customers to fit any and every industrial machine need. Their ever-expanding inventory is home to a variety of highly sought after, premium industrial parts, such as the Control Techniques M200-Unidrive Series and the ABB Efore Power Supply. If industrial electrical, servo motor, or machine automation parts are needed in any industrial or manufacturing capacity, Technical Repair Solution’s online industrial electronics marketplace is the place to find them.

Technical Repair Solutions Offers a Wide Variety of Specialty Industrial Electronic Components

Industrial Electronics Parts from Technical Repair Solutions

Along with these specific items mentioned, a broader variety of industrial electronic parts can be found within the TRS equipment store, each of which aids in solving specific industrial electronics needs. The ABB Efore Power Supply is one such item. Technical Repair solutions offer two distinct models of ABB Efore Power Supplies, the 3HAC4297-1 and DSQ506, that both allow for flexibility of use and ensured continual effectiveness. These Type-SR92B130 power supplies are in a used condition. Because of this, TRS explains that these industrial parts are repeatedly and strenuously tested by their professional electronics repair team to guarantee continual reliability over time. This same sort of intense testing process is used on all other industrial electronic parts within the TRS store. These pieces of machinery are exemplary examples of what TRS is selling within its online store and what is to be added in the near future.

Along with the continual growth of the industrial electronic product offerings within their online store, TRS has expanded their shipping options to enhance the purchasing process. These shipping update looks to cover all possible shipping scenarios and inform customers about the assurances that they are guaranteed. This expansion that TRS has executed within their online marketplace and shipping policy reflects a broader message that can be found within their overall website.

Through the continuing updates and ongoing expansion of their online marketplace, it can be seen that TRS is seeking to reach the widest customer base possible, while simultaneously providing the same level of quality and support for which they have historically been known. Through their E-Commerce store, TRS can now provide the exact industrial electronics, servo motor, and machine automation parts needed, while complimenting them each with the support needed to guarantee their continued optimal performance.


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