Technical Repair Solutions New Website Launch


Technical Repair Solutions is very proud to announce the launch of our brand new, fully redesigned TRS Website! Our new site features an expansive view of what it is we do here at TRS, as well as the many different products and services that we have available for both industrial repair and maintenance needs. We have always strived to provide our current and potential customers with the best experience possible. This website is an extension of that mentality. It helps to deliver insights into who we are at TRS, our message of always exceeding expectations, as well as the many different services and product offerings that we have available.

TRS has worked for many years to deliver a premium level of service that is simply not found with any of our competitors. Our new site reflects this same TRS message of premium service. The website provides you a look at our various repair offerings, such as industrial Machine Automation and On-Site Repair, as well as many more. By exploring our services, you will find that if you have an Industrial Repair or Maintenance need, TRS is here for you 24/7.

Another integral portion of TRS’s wide array of offerings is our ability to provide our customers with industrial machine products directly. This aspect of our business allows you to purchase products directly from us and have it delivered to you in a very short time frame. We offer a large selection of new and refurbished products ranging from servo drives to industrial circuit boards, as well as many more. Take a look at our redesigned site to find the perfect product for your specific business need.

We at TRS are always looking to deliver the best experience to our customers. We have moved this even further with the deployment of our new website. You can easily navigate throughout the site to find the specific products or services that fit your individual need. Through the use of our website and interaction with our team, we want you to know that when you do business with Technical Repair Solutions we will exceed your expectations.


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