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Technical Repair Solutions (TRS) is constantly striving to expand its industrial electronics repair business’ presence, as well as its premium selection of services including servo motor repair and machine automation, around its own region of Mishawaka, Indiana, as well as on a national scale. The TRS team works to attain this goal in order to more broadly deliver access to the excellent industrial electronics repair that has come to be expected from TRS. To help them reach this goal of expansion, their team deliberated and came to the conclusion that a new website would need to be commissioned. They understood that in order to expand physically, their electronics repair business must first expand digitally.

Their newly redesigned website now provides a much deeper level of information regarding who their team is at TRS and how they are able to consistently deliver the high level of electronics repair experience for which they have come to be known. Beyond this wealth of information available on their overhauled website, they have chosen to integrate a new e-commerce section to make purchasing from their inventory of gently-used machine parts and industrial machinery, such as power supplies, drives, and servo motor parts, a breeze. Feel free to head over to the TRS website to discover more about how their highly-skilled team can assist with machine automation, industrial electronics repair, or the sale of their premium machine parts.

TRS Repair & Maintenance Website Launch

Reliable industrial machine repair and continued maintenance are essential to industrial businesses’ sustained, successful operation. In order to make this process of repair and maintenance a reality, Technical Repair Solutions has developed a team of trained repair professionals. Their team is able to offer rapid, highly-effective solutions for the many various mechanical repair services that industrial businesses may require. These TRS mechanical services include Industrial Electronics Repair, Servo Motor & Encoder Repair, as well as On-Site Repair, to name a few. The various industrial repair and maintenance services have each been given a page of their own on the overhauled TRS website. Within these pages, they provide details about how they work to continuously exceed expectations, no matter what the job may be. The TRS goal of becoming ever more efficient and effective in their industrial electronics repair process translates into facilities and machinery returning to fully operational status within a very short timeframe.

Being a part of the industrial repair and machine maintenance business for many years, Technical Repair Solutions has worked with clients across a wide array of industries, including paper milling, aerospace, car manufacturing, food technology, and many more. On the TRS Industries Served page, TRS describes some of these industries that they have served and how they were able to adjust their process depending on the industries’ or business owner’s specific needs. Working with these various industries in varying conditions has continually enhanced their approach to every new project that they take. TRS’s industrial repair services are catered by the Technical Repair Solutions team to any specific industry and need, again increasing both the efficiency and quality that is delivered.

One of the expansive additions to the TRS newly redesigned website is the inclusion of an E-Commerce portion of the site. This simplified shopping system has expanded their reach to a national audience, thus ensuring that consumers across the United States can access and purchase their wide range of quality machine parts and robotics. The e-commerce system allows consumers to easily browse, select, and purchase any of their gently-used industrial parts or machines that are for sale with just a few clicks of the mouse. Their stock of industrial machinery is filled with items such as ABB power supplies, Control Techniques drives, encoder parts, servo motor components, used industrial machinery and is ever-expanding to include new items. TRS regularly updates their e-commerce section to stay current with their expanding inventory and to list the newest items that have become available.

Technical Repair Solutions is an organization that is dedicated to positive growth in an effort to continually improve client experiences and interactions. They indicate that they want each of their clients to know that when they do business with TRS, they are receiving the best in premium mechanical repair service and maintenance. TRS’s overhauled website is now working to help spread this specific message to those who may require their industrial electronics repair and maintenance solutions.

By browsing the many differing pages on their reinvigorated website, potential customers can learn about how Technical Repair Solution’s repair process incorporates the fundamental concepts of efficiency and effectiveness at every stage of the work being done. If you would like to learn more about Technical Repair Solutions or have any further questions, head over to the TRS Homepage


Contact Information

Company: Technical Repair Solutions

Contact: Michelle Warner

Address: 1217 N. Merrifield Avenue, Mishawaka, IN 46545

Phone: (574) 855-1512

Website: https://trsautomation.com/


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